• Bylaws were established in May 2017 by members of the 70th Anniversary and Hall of Honor Committee:Hall of Honor

    • Leland Edge, Former CISD Superintendent (1972-1987)
    • Kay Gage, Class of 1960 and Retired CISD Teacher/Administrator (1983 - 2011)
    • Diedra Harris, Class of 1977
    • Randy Hargrave, Class of 1974
    • Sabreana Smith Marsh, CISD Director of Public Relations (2015 - current)
    • Jeremy Turner, CISD Athletic Director (2016 - current)
    • Alphonso Bates, CISD Director of Student Services & Human Relations (2016 - current)


    The Braves Hall of Honor was established in 2017 to publicly celebrate Community ISD alumni, employees, and community members who have demonstrated outstanding social contribution to the broader community by making a difference in the lives of others; and/or achieved extraordinary professional success, or achievement in, their field of endeavor.

    Selected Hall of Honor members will continue to serve as a positive role model providing inspiration, hope, support and relevance to our current students as they progress through their own areas of study, athletics, extracurricular activities, or community service. The goal of the Hall of Honor is to promote school and community pride.



    Alumni Honor - Alumni of Community High school become eligible for nomination ten (10) years after graduating from Community ISD. Students who were drafted or enlisted in the military before graduation are considered alumni. A graduate must have earned individual recognition at the regional or state level for their scholastic achievements, athletic accomplishments, UIL activities, or community service during high school. He or she must have also earned individual recognition after graduation by his/her postsecondary scholastic achievements, athletic accomplishments, career/professional accomplishments, military service, or community service; and had exemplary life reflecting the Traits of a Brave and bringing honor to the person, as well as their family and/or community.

    Brave Employee - A former employee becomes eligible for nomination five (5) years after retiring from Community ISD. Eligible candidates must have evidence of an outstanding career within Community ISD. He/she must have had a direct and significant impact on CISD scholastics, athletics, or other student centered activities. He/she must have had an exemplary life of community service and demonstrated the Traits of a Brave bringing honor to the person, as well as their family and/or community.

    Community Service and/or Leadership The nominee must be a local citizen, business or community leader who has never been compensated by the District and has demonstrated extraordinary contributions to Community ISD resulting in significant benefit or exceptional honor to the District or one of its schools.

    Note: Special circumstances may be considered in any of the above categories by the Selection Committee. Nominees may be inducted posthumously.


    Although the school district maintains authority over all aspects of the Hall of Honor, a selection committee will generally supervise the nomination and selection of inductees, as well as the induction ceremony. The selection committee may modify or expand at will any aspect of the Hall of Distinction process, except for its purposes and selection criteria.  Any change in purpose and selection criteria must be approved by the Board of Education.

    The Selection Committee will consist of:

    • 2 Current CISD Employees (with 10+ years in Community ISD)
    • 3 Community Members (having lived in Community ISD for 20+ years)
    • 2 Current CISD Administrators

    Committee members are chosen initially by a designee of the Superintendent and two community members. Members of the committee remain anonymous. Two members will rotate off every two years and will recommend a replacement. The entire committee will vote on replacement members.


    Online and printed nomination form will be available in September, 2017. The deadline to submit nominations for the inaugural class of inductees will be December 1, 2017. Paper nomination forms should be emailed to or mailed to CISD Hall of Honor, c/o CISD Public Relations, PO Box 400, Nevada, TX 75173.


    Inductees will be recognized during activities planned to coincide with CHS graduation weekend.

For More Information about the CISD Hall of Honor:

  • Sabreana Smith Marsh
    CISD Director of Public Relations
    972-843-8400 x 9599