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CISD Dress Code Purpose

The purposes of the standardized dress code policy for Community ISD include:

  • Focusing the learning environment on academics
  • Clarifying expectations and increasing accountability for both students and staff
  • Ensuring safety and security for all campuses
  • Developing pride, unity, and self-respect in our students
  • Preparing students for real-world life experiences

Changes for 2016-17

Students may wear a CISD spirit or college shirt or hoodie on any day with standardized dress pants/shorts/capris.
  • CISD spirit shirt/hoodie must represent the school colors, logo, name, or a school-affiliated sport/club/organization
  • College spirit shirt/hoodie must represent an actual accredited college or university
Students and staff may have facial hair providing it is neatly groomed.

Dress Code - English

Dress Code - Spanish